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“He’s a breathtakingly perceptive, charismatic player, taking the audience with him on every note of his turbulent journey.”

The Scotsman

Nov 2017


"Rysanov is a prince among viola players..."


August 2017


"Maxim Rysanov is the kind of musician who can do the musical equivalent of reading from the phone book and making it exciting."

Joseph Magil, American Record Guide

Nov/Dec 2015


"Words to describe Rysanov's passionate and penetrating performances don't come easily. He is, of course, the main character on stage in all four works on the program(..)"

Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

Nov/Dec 2015


"Maxim Ryasnov's seductive viola in late works by Martinu would grace any sensible Want List."

Phillip Scott, Fanfare

Nov/Dec 2015


"Rysanov's golden song carries us through to another perfect peace."

Martinu BIS album

David Nice, BBC Music Magazine

Aug 2015


"Vivant. Touchant. Superbe."

Martinu BIS album

Nicolas Derny, Diapason

July/Aug 2015


"Martinu’s viola works majestically performed by Rysanov"

Martinu  BIS album

The Strad

23 June 2015


"Maxim Rysanov's playing is outstanding – I've never heard a viola sing quite like this. If Rysanov's sotto voce statement of the hymn-like tune a few minutes before the close doesn't induce shivers, you've no heart."

Martinu BIS album

Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk

20 June 2015


“Transcendent notes from viola master Rysanov”

Melbourne Recital Centre

Martin Duffy, The Age Australia

19 June 2014


“Viola virtuoso gives the violin a run for its money in this masterful recital.”

Melbourne Recital Centre

Andrew Aronowicz, Limelight Magazine

19 June 2014


“Maxim Rysanov treated concertgoers to a superb demonstration of the viola’s richly expressive capabilities.”

Melbourne Recital Centre

Tony Way, Sinfini Music

18 June 2014


“There was an engaging conversation throughout, Bach’s counterpoint thoughtfully enunciated, while in the Andante Rysanov added more passion, a Romantic flavour tastefully applied and not misplaced.”

Wigmore Hall

Ben Hogwood, Classical Source

25 November 2013


“Great viola players are rare, Maxim Rysanov is unique.”

RNCM Concert Hall

P.P.O. Kane, Jildy Sauce

28 Nov 2012


“Rysanov gave a most impressive performance that was filled with elegiac eloquence and lyricism.”

Hong Kong City Hall

Satoshi Kyo, Time Out Hong Kong

24 Sep 2012


"(..) the warmth of Rysanov's viola left you wondering why composers bother with the violin."

City of London Festival

Nick Kimberley, Evening Standard

07 July 2011




“Martinů's Rhapsody-Concerto was the understated soul of the concert, Rysanov effortlessly focused in subtle dialogues with a very restrained orchestra”

Barbican London, BBC Symphony Orchestra

David Nice, The Arts Desk

11 November 2011

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